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Meditation Classes

Meditation Class
Couple Meditating

      Is meditation something you'd like to do but feel daunted by? Have you found that it's difficult to maintain a practice because you get way too distracted, get frustrated, or have trouble sitting down for long periods of time?  Or would you like to deepen the current practice you have? 

      I teach meditations that derive from a combination of Anapanasiti (meditation with mindfulness) and explorations of the central nervous system.  I learned these from monks, therapists, bodyworkers, and various other teachers whom I studied under in Thailand and the United States.     


      The main goal of these classes is to help people to practice basic meditation while introducing a new experiential meditation each time to compliment it.  Not to mention that these additional techniques will offer some tools for pain management and emotional balance. 


     Furthermore, we discuss concepts from monks, therapists, writers, and professors while allowing time to share experiences, answer questions, and entertain new ideas that come up.  

Current Class Schedule


Due to the Omicron Wave in Tokyo, I'm holding off before I schedule the next class.  However, upon request, I can schedule classes wherever you might want them at companies or private residences provided Covid precautions are being put in place. 

Lotus Pose
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