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Guided Nervous System  Rebalancing

Guided Neural Rebalancing sessions are a great option for clients who for some reason or another can't or prefer not to travel to a clinic.  It allows clients to receive support in the comfort and safety of wherever they feel most secure.  Many clients find that this allows their system to open up much more and take in the session as the setting of a clinic might be triggering or unfamiliar, therefore impinging on their ability to relax.  

These sessions are particularly supportive for relaxation, anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia.  However, they also assist in pain management and relieve headaches as well as some of the things that craniosacral therapy aids. All of this is achieved through an ignition of the central nervous system. 

What Happens During a Session?


I lead the client through some meditations that allow them to more vividly feel the autonomic nervous system in order to work through the blockages that are causing pain, discomfort, or stress.  The session generally lasts about 70 minutes.


My clients find that during these sessions they tend to feel quite relaxed and they can settle into their nervous system while equipping it to address the problematic areas of their body. 


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